Homeschool Planner

Weekly Homeschool Planner

Our just-turned 5 yr old is starting Kindergarten in the fall! For various reasons, my husband and I have decided to start our children’s education off by homeschooling.   How far along in their education will we homeschool? Ask me again at the end of Kindergarten.  Or maybe first grade 🙂 I do love the idea of it but the thought of teaching upper middle and high school grades makes me nervous. We shall see…

Since fall and the first day of school is quickly approaching I’m starting to think about school planning.  Now, I am one of those check-list/spreadsheet loving people.  I like seeing things neatly organized and being able to check off my progress.  It keeps me on track through my days and weeks.  Thus I’ve been looking around for a simple, already-made planner that we can use for school planning.  After looking at several that were way too complicated for Kindergarten I came across this Homeschool Planner.  I like that it is created to be editable and the way they set up the year/month at a glance pages.  What I really like is the clean looking weekly school/chore checklist with sections for each time of the day!  We generally start things at  the same time each morning but not always so  having things broken out for morning/afternoon/evening (instead of specific hour by hour planning) will be helpful!  I’d probably print this out, laminate it, and use dry erase markers to update it each week to save on paper.  And change the “I earn” to “evening” since our girls have a after dinner chore.

I might poke around a little bit if I have time to see if there is something else that would work that is free.  But so far I’ve turned up nothing as nice as this one.  Do you have any recommendations for a planner you like that is similar to this one? Free or not free?

If you decide to purchase this one use the link above to give me referral credit 🙂