It’s the little things…

That adds a small bit of encouragement to a long day.
That causes me to stop and ponder for a bit.
That brings a smile to my face.
That informs my big decisions.
That leave their mark for a lifetime.

I spend my days caring for wee people, leading a girls club, helping my husband promote the family business, and homeschooling.  When time (and energy) allows I’m working on sewing projects and studying ASL interpreting.  This blog is just for fun and intended to be a place to remark on the small things in our family that have affected us one way or the other.  The little pleasures, little bits of wisdom gleaned, and hobbies we enjoy.  Among the things I enjoy are backpacking, sewing, making gifts for people, organizing things, teaching, counseling, decorating for and planning events, hospitality, and putting my husband’s love for woodworking to good use.

Thanks for stopping by!