Attic Remodel: Finished!

We passed our final inspection and other than cabinet doors, a few paint touch ups, and loft ladders our attic space is finished! Our general theme was “outdoorsy” with blues, grays, and whites. Something calming and pleasing to look at for us but fun for the kids.  We went with blue as the main color since we wanted a “sky” background for the murals we plan to add.  And, as you will notice, we broke the normal theme with the (very) purple bathroom as promised to some wide-eyed, hopeful looking little faces.  We used a darker purple so we can accent with a soft pale pink. Here are the after pictures followed by some tips, resources, and supplies we used along the way. (before pictures)




Carpeted Play Lofts. The taller one fits a double mattress and the lower one a twin. Just in case we want to turn them into beds one day.



Main room; this blue is more true to the actual color. The other pics look too green.

Play Nook

Play Nook



Double doors to the purple bathroom sans handles

DSC_0116 DSC_0117

—-little details—–


New House Front!




storage cabinets sans doors


Storage nook to left of bathroom.

Attic Access Door

Access door for unfinished attic space



  • Trim: Sherwin-Williams Extra White
  • Room: S-W Iceberg
  • Stairwell: S-W Breezy
  • Bathroom: S-W Potentially Purple (nothing potential about it folks, it’s PURPLE!).
  • Finish for all: Washable Flat Enamel Paint. Cleanable but easy to touch up and patch if necessary.
  • How to Paint Angled Walls and Sloped ceilings,This blog post is why we painted it all blue instead of different colors. We wanted clean lines and love the calm feeling it gives to a space that kids will go crazy in.
  • The DIY Network‘s blog post of 16 Amazing Attic Remodels has some good examples of attics that are all one color.


Carpet: We went with Phenix Anchor Bay N164. It’s a poly-blend that rated high on the cleanable list. We went with the Gray Silk 201 color that is marbled in hopes that stains will just blend in. It’s low pile and soft making it super comfortable to roll around on with the kids.




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