Attic Update: Taking Shape

Our house has been humming the last month with progress.  We’ve passed the initial round of inspections and the drywalling begins this week. Our contractor has been fantastic about clarifying what we want things to look like as we go and this space is turning out to be exactly what we envisioned!

Lofts: Remember the peaks? Instead of just walling straight up we built lofts over them. I love the open, multi level look it adds into the room. And the fact that we redeemed a potential “wasted space” area (one of my favorite shows).  They will have bunk-bed style railings and carpet so that we can use them as loft beds or extra play nooks. The taller loft has it’s own ceiling light as well as storage underneath. There will be flooring placed to hide the insulation and then we will use this space for storing camping gear plus other things that are currently off-season: like our heavy coats and our beach travel bag. The taller door between the lofts is the access point for the rest of the attic.

loft bedsIMG_0502

Tip: On the topic of storage, it was really helpful during the plan-drawing phase to list exactly what we wanted to store up there and where. It helped a lot to have that in mind when discussing where we wanted built in storage.  I even went ahead and picked out the bins I wanted to use for toy storage.  I didn’t purchase them (just in case the plans had to adjust) but I knew which ones I wanted.

Play Nook: We were inspired by this room and the placement of shelves and can lights. We wrote out specific dimensions that were not on the official plans, just to make sure we were all on the same page. We’re planning to use the new light bulbs that don’t put off heat since the ceiling is so low.

play space DSC_0021

Storage – Back wall: seasonal decorations and clothes. Left side: craft+homeschool+event decorations.


Half-Bathroom: We’re using a corner, wall mounted sink to be able to fit a bathroom in this space.


Each individual space has it’s own wall light and switch (again, we wrote directly on the plans where we wanted them). It gives us options but really with all the odd angles there was no other way to make sure we had good lighting in all the corners.  However, we didn’t want to have to walk all the way around the room to turn them off. We had the electrician put all but three of the light and fan switches on the corner wall to the right of the bathroom above. This way we can turn them all off or on in one spot. The stairway, bathroom, and play nook have their own localized switches.

Activity Space: This is where we’ll put a small kitchen table we can use for games, crafts, and school.


Almost there!


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