Fall Party Time!

I’ve had several posts in the making but haven’t finished them yet.  I agreed to coordinate a friends wedding over the summer so that was the end of blog writing!  Here’s a fall post to start to catch up.  I was in charge of organizing our Co-op’s fall party today (ages range from 2.5 – 5yrs old).  I wanted to make it autumn-ish, not Halloween-ish.  We had fun and it was a beautiful day to be outside!

Day of Prep

It took me 40 minutes to hang the Piñata,  hide the apples around the playground, and set up the craft table.  If you are not skilled in hanging bear bags or throwing rope over a tree limb give yourself a bit more time.


Fall Treat Bags:  As the kids arrived they decorated a fall treat bag.

Fall Treat Bags


  • crayons
  • package of felt leaves from the dollar store,
  • 30 cent large brown lunch sacks from the craft store (tops rolled down a couple times)
  • solid orange construction paper or scrapbook paper for the handle.
  • Glue for felt leaves (tacki-glue is my favorite. Dries in 30 seconds. Elmers is too messy and glue sticks don’t hold!)
  • Packing tape to tape handles on for a quick option other than glue

Piñata: Next we lined them up and they all took turns swinging at my homemade pumpkin Piñata. Not the best looking pinata ever but the 5yr olds thought it was great! They just wanted the candy inside :D.  And my girls enjoyed helping make it. I didn’t intend to DIY but trying to find a fall-ish, non-halloween pinata for less than $30 was impossible.

Homemade Pumpkin Pinata


  • 2 paper grocery bags, brown yarn, orange paint, and brown paint for the DIY Pumpkin Piñata. I used 2 brown paper grocery bags and put all 4 handles together at the top for extra support.  I think it would have been too heavy for one bag. My kids painted it orange and brown. This would not work for older kids unless you blind folded them so they didn’t get direct hits every time. We had 2 older siblings there (age 10 and 13) and it took them 4 solid hits to break it open after the younger kids had all had turns and were ready to be done.  The younger kids barely tapped it.
  • 4 kinds of candy (enough for about 6 pieces per child), a pencil (Dollar store), and some individual packs of raisins.
  • 30-50 foot rope for hanging.
  • Stick or bat for beating it.
  • Bucket for collecting treats once it breaks (we had the kids gather up all the items/candy into a bin and the mom’s sorted it equally between the treat bags).

Apple Hunt: the kids played this last as the mom’s sorted candy and made lunch plates for the kids.  Supplies:

  • Apple cards.  I printed several copies of this for the 2-3yr olds so each child could find at least one.  I tapped the dots up on the fence and hid the numerical ones around the playground. They had to find them and match up to the dots on the fence.   For the Kindergartener’s I covered up the numbers/dots and renumbered them 1-20. They had to put them in order along the fence.
  • tape

Food Menu:

Apple Cupcakes

*I made these, pictured above.  We used green striped wrappers (Walmart) to mimic hanging on a tree, yellow coloring because we were out of red, and mint leaves from our garden for the leaf. Use your favorite cupcake recipe or make apple cupcakes with cinnamon flavored frosting! I think my new favorite thing is to put cinnamon in frosting.

What are you doing for your fall parties? Any other non-halloween ideas?


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