Summer Projects….Finished!

Over the summer I’ve been working on two projects.  Well, three if you count growing a baby (8 more weeks!).   The first two are finally finished!  I’m so excited and figured what better way to kick off a blog than with some pictures?  This past summer was the first time since have our second child that I’ve ventured to start a home-decor project.

The first project was a craft nook/school storage space off of our kitchen.  I’m loosing my craft room to a nursery (necessity is a great motivator). This was one project where I was able to pull in random gifts I received over the last year that hadn’t yet found a place.  The china cabinet was passed down from my grandmother and the desk was from my husband’s grandmother, both recently acquired.  The wall cabinet was dug out of my parent’s garage and painted white.  I lined the doors with a wipe-able home decorating fabric and attached using adhesive spray.  I also used fray check around the edges just for extra protection.   I didn’t take a before picture but think dark brown with a blue duck and pink flowered trim stenciled around.  The only thing I had to purchase was the cabinet door fabric and the “create” word art.


WallMy Grandmother's China Cabinet

The second project was to exchange the changing table in the girls bedroom for a vanity.  It was also a passed on piece that had been in my husband’s family for a while, handed down to them by a close friend.  Always fun to have furniture with a bit of history.  Again, no before picture (can’t find it) but it was your average brown-stained furniture seen in most thrift stores.  So we sanded, primed, and spray painted the vanity, put ribbon and a painted dowel rod  in place of the huge mirror, and let the girls paint a few boxes for the top.  I love the way it turned out!  The girls love it too and were pretty excited about getting to help paint something.  All it’s missing is the wooden drawer knobs I gave to my sister to paint on some birds.



We also made some fun pillows for their beds.  The girls had a blast stuffing them and I got to organize craft stuff into the new nook while they were thus occupied.  Win-Win.

Bed #1

Bed #2

Just for perspective, this was on my wall for about 4 weeks before I finally flipped it up, took off the backing, and attached the word to the wall.  A task that took less than a minute, but 4 weeks to get too. Such is life with young kids.  We don’t mind, just have to plan for simple things to take much longer.

(Note: the hinge method is a perfectly easy way to attach wall art! Look it up on YouTube.)


And we exchanged out our winter decorations for simple fall ones . Yep. Completely bypassed spring and summer decorations this year.  Morning sickness was in full swing.



What’s next?  Finish setting up the baby nursery, Christmas shopping, and decorating the walls in the girls bedroom.   I’m pretty motivated to get it all done by the time baby #3 arrives around the beginning of December.  Wish me luck!


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